Animation Conventions

Matt is always excited and honored to meet the posse’ of amazing fans at all the conventions! It’s the perfect setting to share the hundreds of “stories from inside the studio” and the zany world living his animated life. One of Matt’s favorite things to do in the middle of a fan panel is: call someone’s friend in the hospital, leaving a message from Raphael of the Ninja Turtles, or singing happy birthday to someone’s mom or sister, from Ed, of Ed Edd & Eddy, or finishing a panel with a huge group hug from their favorite Care Bear, Tender Heart. It’s those magic moments, connecting fan and actor through characters he loves playing and fans, enjoying recognizable voices they love too. It’s the thousands of incredible people Matt has met along the convention highway that keeps him saying YES to attending more.

“Thanks for the laugh-fest everyone and allowing me to share what it’s like making cartoons and the crazy amazing world of animation around the Planet! I look forward to meeting you at your next convention!”

EvilleCon 2011 – Panel Part 1
EvilleCon 2011 – Panel Part 2

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Animation Conventions
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