Matt’s acting career launched at age 15 with a role standing next to his childhood crush, Lindsey Wagner, TV’s Bionic Woman. After years of preparation on the basement stages of his youth, he got his shot. Twenty-five years later, he has an extensive resume that spans film, television and voiceover work around the world.

Some of his most memorable roles have been in films like: Shanghai Knights, playing Jackie Chan’s deputy, Titanic-the mini-series with pal Berry Pepper, A Monkey’s Tale with John Hurt. Speaking of hurt, Matt had his heart ripped out after kissing a beautiful Vampire named Angie Everhart in the movie, “Tales From the Crypt”. Using his love of athletics, Matt jumped into the role (and suit) as everyone’s favorite Turtle in the half shell, “Raphael”, in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III. As well as, Steven Spielberg produced mini series “Taken”, playing whacked out Vietnam Vet, “Willy”.

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