Community Involvement

Vancouver Foundation

“Matt Hill is man with extraordinary vision, but even better, he is a man who puts his dreams into action!

After a year long odyssey of running 11,000 miles and reaching out to 30,000+ kids at 200+ events, Matt and his R41P partner Stephanie had the foresight to turn their incredible journey into something more. In 2009, they established the Run for One Planet Legacy Fund as a permanent endowment fund at Vancouver Foundation. They’ve created a lasting legacy that provides annual support to eco-projects at schools that are imagined and carried out by kids, and also leadership opportunities for youth to facilitate peer education on environmental stewardship. Matt is making a difference in our community, and Vancouver Foundation is proud to be in partnership with him!”
Kristin Helgason – Vancouver Foundation

BC Hydro Team Power Smart

“We asked Matt to be on Team Power Smart because he epitomizes the type of individual we can all look up to. His dedication and commitment to truly making a difference in this world is what makes Matt stand out. He uses every ounce of his integrity to set the example that we can all learn from. BC Hydro is proud to have Matt on our team and we look forward to growing and learning together.” (
Brent Billey – Lead Team Power Smart

Lululemon Athletica

“Matt’s outlook on life and attitude of accomplishment, not to mention his long list of accomplishments is truly contagious. Matt brings out the best in people. These qualities represent a great leader, elevating in the community and in the world.”
Eric Peterson – lululemon athletica