“The person who answers the starting gun of their first Ironman is not the same person who reaches the finish line” Ray Fauteux

“This 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile marathon test of endurance has captivated and gripped me since watching the first time in 1993. Then as an athlete, crossing that magic finish line seven times since. It allowed me to reach large for my athletic dreams. It helped me get his life back after some painful losses. It gifted me with life long friends. It inspired a book to say thanks, celebrating 25 years of Ironman Canada. It’s given me fond memories. It’s given me courage to reach higher on my bucket list of running dreams. And like the quote reads; Ironman has allowed me to shake hands with the person who first stood at the waters edge having answered the call, with the person he became as he broke the finishers tape, with hands in the air.”