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Matt talks like he runs – fast, energetic and with ebullient heaps of enthusiasm! Born a month early, he’s been running with a spirit for life and people ever since. Terry Fox, Canada’s greatest athlete, changed Matt’s life at the age of 10. Witnessing Terry run his Marathon Of Hope across Canada lit a fire inside Matt’s heart and set him on a course to contribute with his love of running and passion to make a difference. He’s crossed the Ironman finish line seven times. For 25 years he’s made kids laugh around the Planet being the voice actor behind some of their favorite cartoon characters like: Raphael in the Ninja Turtles, Tender Heart on the Care Bears and Ed on Ed Edd & Eddy. He’s also featured as Jackie Chan’s Deputy in Shanghai Knights, Titanic and the X-Files.

However, the fire was still burning inside Matt’s heart to use his legs and his voice to inspire and deliver a message, like his childhood hero had. In 2006 the dream to inspire a continent, by completing an epic endurance expedition, in a way that had never been done before, landed on Matt’s shoulders.

Along with his “super-girl” friend, Steph Tait, they founded “Run for One Planet” and ran 11,000 miles across Canada and around the Perimeter of America, to inspire environmental action, “one step at a time.”

Run for One Planet’s mission was to inspire action for our Planet’s health, using running to carry the message, inspiring North Americans to choose one new healthy Earth habit from the tour’s Top 10 Action steps list http://www.runforoneplanet.org/actionchallenge.php.

In 369 days, they ran a marathon each a day, spoke to 35,000 kids (big and small), in 220 keynote and community presentations, raising $130,000 for the R41P Legacy for Kids, granting kids “green dreams”, burned 3 million calories, destroyed 30 pairs of running shoes, while taking the equivalent of 22 million, 4 thousand steps to reach their goal.

The final marathon was run on May 8th, 2009 and realized a long held dream, to be escorted across Vancouver’s famous Lions Gate Bridge under full police escort to complete the 11,000-mile journey. They became the first couple to run around North America, with May 8th also being declared as official Run for One Planet Day in the City of Vancouver.

This dream was reached and only made possible by saying yes to their dream and taking that first step… and few million more.

Matt is now passionate to hear where YOUR first steps are taking you, while he shares a few tales from his cartoon and film adventures. As well as, a few road stories and lessons learned along the magic Run for One Planet highway of dreams.

Matt at your event

Matt’s experiences and lessons learned in leadership of this endurance run expedition has inspired him to share his stories and his aspirations with others through keynotes and workshops at National Youth Leadership Conferences, Run Groups and Community events.

By utilizing his skill set as an actor and voice actor, Matt conveys an easy stage presence to share his stories and create an entertaining presentation infused with a few of the characters inside his head that have entertained others around the world for years.

Keynotes & Workshops

“The 11,000 mile journey; starts with one step”
This inspiring keynote chronicles the day-to-day steps that Matt and Steph took on their 11,000- mile Run for One Planet journey across Canada and around the perimeter of America. It speaks from the heart of bodies digging deep to meet the challenges. And the soles of runners digging a trench along the highways of Canada and America to complete a dream and reach as many North Americans as they could, all while running a marathon each a day to get it done. It also includes stories from 25 years playing cartoon superhero’s, a Ninja Turtle named Raphael and how it helped them connect with 35,000 kids young and young at heart to believe in a better world through laughter, action and a little running. Laugh your way along with Matt, as he takes you inside 25 years in the cartoon and film biz, with a little help from some of the world’s most popular cartoon voices. This keynote is suitable for elementary, high school, community and corporate teams searching for a riveting, heartfelt, hilarious and moving story to inspire and empower your audience to believe in the power their dreams, a better world and reaching them… one step at a time.

“Dream building for young leaders who want to change the world”
Ever had a dream to do something to make a difference in the world and felt like you weren’t sure how to take the first step forward? This workshop details the 2 1/2 year journey of the Run for One Planet tour. From that fateful day at 27,000 feet above the Earth, receiving answers on how to inspire a continent, deciding to take the first step forward, training the body to run 11,000 miles, building the R41P dream team, raising money to fuel the dream, receiving gifts from your hero, running 420 marathons, speaking to 35,000 kids in 220 presentations, local hero’s everywhere, to building an eco-home-on-wheels named Racy Verna to get you there. These are the stories and lessons learned along the Run for One Planet highway of dreams.

“10 Steps to a leaner & greener school or office”
This workshop will take the participants through the Top 10 Actions Steps from the Run for One Planet tour in a fun, group setting, using team improvisation, cartoon characters and each other to go green. Going Green never felt so good!

What People Are Saying

“What can I say about Matt Hill and Run for One Planet? Run for One Planet is one of those projects that clearly demonstrates what an individual can do when they set their mind to something. Matt’s passion for his cause and singular vision made this dream a reality and created something truly inspiring. The way Matt can tell tales of his life and this incredible journey he took, and make them into relatable life lessons is great fun to watch. As a speaker, Matt Hill has a contagious energy and natural humour that builds an almost immediate rapport with any audience. I have been speaking professionally for 22 years, and watching Matt is always fresh and entertaining, while at the same time uplifting and thought provoking in a very accessible way.” Ian Tyson – I.T. productions

“Matt’s presentation was nothing short of inspiring, uplifting, and truly motivational. He naturally captured and held the attention of our diverse audience with his energy, humor and passion that shone through with the same undeniable commitment that encompasses the Run for One Planet story. His story is definitely one that should be shared with all audiences, young and old and all organizations. Matt’s speaking style and grace should also be recognized as an asset that would benefit any group who is looking for a fabulous, entertaining, and original speaker.” Nicolette Richer, Program Manager, iSHiFT Whistler, Resort Municipality of Whistler

“BC Hydro is proud to have Matt as a member of Team Power Smart (www.bchydro.com/teampowersmart). His zest for life, appreciation for our planet and commitment to making a difference are a natural fit for Power Smart’s energy conservation messages. Matt’s presentation delivers every time. Each one with genuine passion and enthusiasm – sprinkled with just a little bit of energy – and people listen!” Brent Billey – Lead – Team Power Smart

“Thanks so much for coming to our school! You were so inspirational and came with such energy! You really sent a message home to the kids and they were so excited to meet you! What you are doing is SO awesome and inspiring! Also, you are just GOOD people and I feel so lucky to have met you. Keep it up!” Crystal Thiele – New Horizons Middle School Brooklyn, NY

“Matt Hill is more than a donor and fund holder at Vancouver Foundation. Matt’s interests reach even further beyond Run for One Planet to “community” in the broadest sense. Vancouver Foundation’s Generation Green Awards Program was able to provide $12,500 to Hamber Secondary School’s students for solar panels to be installed on the rooftop of their school. Hamber students organized a 5K Run/Walk called “Run for the Sun” to fundraise for a matching amount for their project. On a rainy day, Matt Hill represented the sun by bringing his charisma and enthusiasm to lead the event. He ran with students and spoke to inspire and motivate Hamber’s students to reach their project goal. We are grateful for Matt’s ability to connect to “community” from his contributions as a donor to providing his personal leadership and inspiration to young people.” Meriko Kubota – Vancouver Foundation