What People Are Saying


“Matt’s presentation was nothing short of inspiring, uplifting, and truly motivational. He naturally captured and held the attention of our diverse audience with his energy, humor and passion that shone through with the same undeniable commitment that encompasses the Run for One Planet story. His story is definitely one that should be shared with all audiences, young and old and all organizations. Matt’s speaking style and grace should also be recognized as an asset that would benefit any group who is looking for a fabulous, entertaining, and original speaker.” Nicolette Richer, Program Manager, iSHiFT Whistler, Resort Municipality of Whistler

“BC Hydro is proud to have Matt as a member of Team Power Smart (www.bchydro.com/teampowersmart). His zest for life, appreciation for our planet and commitment to making a difference are a natural fit for Power Smart’s energy conservation messages. Matt’s presentation delivers every time. Each one with genuine passion and enthusiasm – sprinkled with just a little bit of energy – and people listen!” Brent Billey -Lead – Team Power Smart

“Thanks so much for coming to our school! You were so inspirational and came with such energy! You really sent a message home to the kids and they were so excited to meet you! What you are doing is SO awesome and inspiring! Also, you are just GOOD people and I feel so lucky to have met you. Keep it up!”Crystal Thiele – New Horizons Middle School Brooklyn, NY

“What can I say about Matt Hill and Run for One Planet? Run for One Planet is one of those projects that clearly demonstrates what an individual can do when they set their mind to something. Matt’s passion for his cause and singular vision made this dream a reality and created something truly inspiring. The way Matt can tell tales of his life and this incredible journey he took, and make them into relatable life lessons is great fun to watch. As a speaker, Matt Hill has a contagious energy and natural humour that builds an almost immediate rapport with any audience. I have been speaking professionally for 22 years, and watching Matt is always fresh and entertaining, while at the same time uplifting and thought provoking in a very accessible way.” Ian Tyson – I.T. productions

“Matt Hill is an exciting speaker with a powerful message. Able to relate to people of every age, he inspires, entertains and motivates with his unique blend of personal story, cartoon voices, and sheer charisma. Matt’s high energy and passion is contagous, leaving all who experience his dynamic presentation enthusiastic about achieving their own goals and dreams.” Lawrence Solow, President – 3-D Change, Inc.

Animation Conventions

“Matt – Thank you so much for coming to EvilleCon 2011. We could not be more pleased with having you as our “special guest voice actor” during our convention. Your passion and love for your work was palpable. During every panel and speaking engagement you were involved in, each individual around you was completely engaged in what you had to say (myself included). Your stories and anecdotes were hilarious; it was obvious that you are a true professional. Your fans at EvilleCon are already clamoring for your return as they have had nothing but positive things to say about you. The fans have said that you’re hilarious and interesting and they have said that they can’t wait to see you again. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Once again, thank you for helping make EvilleCon 2011 great!” Joey Stalker- EvilleCon Chair

Community Leadership

BC Hydro Team Power Smart

“We asked Matt to be on Team Power Smart because he epitomizes the type of individual we can all look up to. His dedication and commitment to truly making a difference in this world is what makes Matt stand out. He uses every ounce of his integrity to set the example that we can all learn from. BC Hydro is proud to have Matt on our team and we look forward to growing and learning together.” (www.bchydro.com/teampowersmart).
Brent Billey – Lead Team Power Smart

Lululemon Ambassador

“Matt’s outlook on life and attitude of accomplishment, not to mention his long list of accomplishments is truly contagious. Matt brings out the best in people. These qualities represent a great leader, elevating in the community and in the world.”
Eric Peterson – lululemon athletica

Race Announcing

“We found Matt after listening to him at the TC10K. We were instantly sold.
I went straight over to him and said he had to come back in 2 weeks and do
the Oak Bay Half. His talent, hard work, and level of professionalism are 3
reasons why he succeeded for us and can help your event sound better The nicest thing for me was he took care of that element of the race. It
allowed me to work in other areas. I’m glad we met, and I look forward to
next year. If your event is the 3rd week of May…consider him booked!”
Dave Niln – Race Director Oak Bay Half Marathon

“Matt Hill brings such enthusiasm and excitement to your event, you just can’t go wrong!” Jacqui Sanderson – Race Director TC10K

On The Run coaching

Matt has become a key influencer in the Kits running community and we are so fortunate he’s our run ambassador. While coaching the lululemon athletica West 4th running group, he led a comprehensive program which encouraged both half and full marathoners to complete a safe and healthy race. Through his own running adventures, Matt has inspired our guests and staff to pursue and achieve their own personal running goals. We’re excited to see where his sneakers take him next! Caroline Nybo, Store Manager, lululemon athletica West 4th