Hello There!

Ok, ask yourself this question; How does a guy who’s spent 20 years in film and television playing super hero’s who work passionately to make the world a better place, accomplish the same goals in real life?

Answer: Run a marathon a day for a year, covering 11,000 miles with your super-girl friend around North America, armed with your arsenal of super hero voices, inspiring kids big and small to make changes for a better Planet.

Hi there, my name is Matt Hill. Within the pages of this website are what I call “the four corners of my animated life.” They contain my personal and work milestones, dreams reached and currently reaching for, while running my life as an actor in film, voice over and announcing.

My mission is simple; to inspire in the World with my ebullient energy, through running, cartoons, speaking and writing. Having fun empowering people with every word, every character and every step I take.

My hope is that you’ll enjoy your visit, share it with others, be inspired to reach for your dreams and make one small change for a better world. I feel privileged to share my life, my work and my dreams with you.

Cowabunga dudes and Dude-ettes!

Matt Hill