In 1989, Matt’s career in voice over took off, winning the title role to play the voice of “Kevin” in Captain N the Game Master for NBC. That first magic studio experience blew the doors wide open to the world of cartoons. For almost 30 years he’s made millions of kids laugh around the Planet, being the voice behind characters like: “Ed” on Ed, Edd and Eddy, reprising his role on another Turtles project – voicing “Raphael” on Fox Kids – “Turtles the Next Mutation.” He’s been the voice of “Tender Heart” on the “Care Bears,” “Metal Head”on “GI-Joe Extreme,” “Finn” on “Storm Hawks” and recently got to lend his voice to the classic children’s story of “Peter Pan” voicing “Peter.”

He’s just started season three playing “Ton Ton” on the new Dream Works – Netflix series “Dino Trux.” And is a part time part of the cast on “My Little Pony”, playing the voice of “Soarin.” He just finished season one playing “Tyler” on Scott Fellows – “Super Noobs” – on Cartoon Network. And just wrapped season two on Scott and Julie Stewart’s, “Kate & Mim Mim – playing “Tach.” Matt had a blast voicing school bully -”Skeebo” on “Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.” And landed the title role of “Kom” with English screen legends, Sir John Hurt and Michael York in the animated feature “A Monkey’s Tale.”

Matt has also lent his voice to some of the world’s most popular Anime characters such as: “Kira” on Gundam Seed, “Kero” on Cardcaptors, “Ironhide” and “Carlos” on Transformers, “Bankotsu” on Inuyasha, “Ryo” on Ronin Warriors, and “Kevin” on X-Men. He’s just completed recording a new 52 episode Anime series. Stay tooned for the name and air dates!

Matt’s also been the versatile voice behind hundreds of radio and television commercial campaigns for organizations such as; Good Times Restaurant, Boston Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Gatorade, Coors Brewing, Nike, Honda, Telus, Ford, Volkswagen, Sprint, The Bread Garden, McDonald’s, Molson Canadian, Chevrolet and Granville Island Brewing.

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